I so happy you visit me! I from West Virginia, but I Pennsylvania dog now. Good people rescue me and help me find my soulmate. I has very happy wonderful home now. I maybe probably 3 years old. You find me on Twitter @LeviFetterman.

I has many credentials. I tell you some:

  • Official Dog: Pennsylvania, Canada, Phillies, Pirates, Steak-umm, Altoids, Cinnabon, One Fresh Pillow, NewBurgh Veterinary Clinic, Seltzer’s Smoked Meats, and Claussen Pickles
  • Twitter emotional support dog
  • “Learn With Levi” sharer
  • Mystery detective
  • Animal Caucus founder
  • Lead Dog of 2020 by Rate My Skype Room

I want very much go to office. But Jawn 🙄. Sometimes I distracted with treats, but I keep trying go to office. Best treats is chicken. And cheese. And shoe.

Team Wawa. So whataboutit.

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