and you’re thinking we’ll be fine again but not this time around

there is no “again” when ppls always hurting. is just sometimes u don’t see it. sometimes no one sees it. no one pays attention.

white man kills 8 ppls in atlanta. say they r mostly asian women. say their names. say their names and pronounce correctly.

say hate and violence unacceptable. say u has empathy understanding for asian communities. behave w empathy and understanding. say u know asian comminities r scared and hurting and angry and tired.

see how many ppls and media talk about asian americans and is harmful. stop treating as “model minority”: is stereotype.

sex work is work. is still racist, is still misogyny, is ppl assuming all asian women working in spas r sex workers.

pls has more understanding.

2 thoughts on “and you’re thinking we’ll be fine again but not this time around

  1. As usual, you are right. Makes me very sad (and mad). Imma looking for place that will let me get doggo like you. Sometimes walking is hard and I need doggo to hold on to.

  2. Ur Dad is a Great Guy. When he go to Wash DC, he will fix stuff that is messed up. BTW, I’m close to 60 y.o. and never had a sticker or bumper sticker on any car I owned. Your Dad’s round stickers will be my 1st! I’m sure more will come out and they’re going on my car also. You have a good family Levi. Kisses from Delaware County XOXO I will volunteer as we get closer to that stuff.

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