honey, life is just a classroom

Drawing of dog, white on turquoise, wearing bandana that says Levi.

life is not just a classroom. right now ppls they paying attention and maybe they learning more about anti-Asian hate, discrimination, micro aggressions. that “model minority” is not true.

but this also happened long time before covid and ppls, media, did not pay attention. it invisible. not important.

i wondering if we remember lesson now. if next year, next month, ppl still remember and change to be better. maybe is a classroom for them.

is real life for victims in atlanta.

Daoyou Feng, 44

Xiaojie Tan, 49

Hyun Jung Grant, 51

Yong Ae Yue, 63

Suncha Kim, 69

Soon Chung Park, 74

is real life for elderly man in nyc.

is real life for everyone.

One thought on “honey, life is just a classroom

  1. Levi, u r so smart. This makes me sad and have watery eyes. Your hoomans are very lucky. I follow a dog almost as smart as you. She’s a sheepadoodle named Bunny. You can see her on YouTube. (Type in Bunny the Talking Dog) Bunny makes me smile and laugh. I hope she make you smile too.

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