i got this music in my mind saying it’s gonna be alright

i remember times before my gotcha day and i sad. it was a very bad place and very bad peoples who hurt me and no feed me. 

i lucky i rescued and i love my soulmate, my boys, my gracie, my grandma. also jawn. now i has family, home, nom noms, toys… is all very wonderful. i jus remember a lil sometimes.

i still anxious when soulmate go away from me too long. and sometimes i scared of brooms. but soulmate say affirmations with me every night and i know she love me and i very safe. 

she give me the music in my mind. 

4 thoughts on “i got this music in my mind saying it’s gonna be alright

  1. Stay strong Levi – you have a lovely soulmate and family… sometimes we all get sad when we remember bad times.. sometimes it even comes out of the blue.. like a broom or a chair or a smell reminds us of bad or sad times and we get scared and angry .. but best to think of your soulmate at those times.. it will cam you and make you less sad and angry. You’re a good doggie Levi a very good doggie ( and FETTERMAN FOR SENATE!!)

  2. Levi, here comes the sun and everything is alright. Love you and your wonderful family. Here is a boop for your sweet nose

  3. I a little blind kitteh, a guy he find me by a busy road all by myself. He thought some mean peoples had taken my eyes, but it no mean peoples, i born this way. Guy take me to mean vet dr meanie who was gonna give me a shot, but this lady said, no i take her, she live with me. She tell me i m strongest most beautiful, she tell me i taught her to have more determination. We gave each other musics to live better by in our head. I 10 years old now, dr meanie said I wasn’t gonna grow up. I did it anyway

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