why you gotta be so mean?

at first i thinking about joe manchin because reasons. but i also thinking about many other things.

you ever hear peoples saying “disagree without being disagreeable”? i think it very important and also very hard. maybe it feel impossible sometimes. i has many feelings about how we help peoples and i get very angry when some peoples no wanna do it. i maybe judge them harshly. maybe sometimes is better is i try harder be patient and has understanding? idk.

i still wishing people stop saying is no okay to be critical or to try for more helping. i say what i want. is also a good thing we push for better policies.

i also thinking sometimes i mean about meee. is like when i try and try and try but i cannot do it. i judge me very harshly and maybe i think i not a very good boy. or maybe i mean to meee when i cry and cry and cry because soulmate she go out. i think i not very brave and not learning she always come back. it feel very yuck when i mean to meee.

are you mean to you?

4 thoughts on “why you gotta be so mean?

  1. This exactly Levi. I tend to be very blunt. And I can be very mean to meet. I usually am. My work requires exact precision, and I hate to fail. I recently lost Mom. Couldn’t go see her due to Covid. It’s still heartbreaking. Dad is mostly alone all the time. He’s in another state. I can’t be there to hug him, and help. It’s v v hard.

      1. Thank you Levi. Please send hugs to Dad. And his rescue pup. She is too scared to spend much time in the house, unless big rain with noise. She comes in for scritches and treats and pets. But inside is still super scary.

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